Diplomacy in the Workplace

Carrie Click - President Bush and QueenTwo types of conversation take place in the workplace. The first is casual conversation between associates; the second is more formal advice and discipline from superior to subordinate. These formal communications are too often destructive, not only to the individuals involved, but to the entire relationship culture a company seeks to foster. Built on principles of ethics, etiquette and diplomacy, these formal communications can, in fact, be friendly, relaxed, polite, sensitive, satisfying, tactful and, in total, non-threatening. By learning these skills, one can deliver unpleasant messages without attacking a person's self-image; and we all can bond with associates by stepping around the most contentious areas of human nature.



Skills you will learn:

  • Giving Constructive Criticism
  • Listening
  • Engaging in Casual Conversation
  • Discouraging Gossip
  • Handling Humor with Tact and Style
  • Giving and Receiving Compliments
  • Minimizing Sarcasm
  • Stressing Less




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