International Business Protocol

Carrie Click - InternationalLearning about the customs, etiquette, and communication styles of other countries is vital to the long-term success of corporations doing business overseas. In order to remain competitive it is important for each and every associate of your organization to understand the social and business customs of your foreign counterparts. Click on…Etiquette® will provide a guidepost for recognizing and respecting other individuals, cultures and customs so that your corporation can respond to domestic or international business and social situations for the new millennium.

Who benefits from International Business Protocol?

Executives who correspond either by phone, email or face-to-face with companies overseas will benefit from international protocol training. International Business Protocol training will enable your associates to successfully negotiate business transactions and form lasting relationships with people from multiple countries.

Click on...Etiquette® customizes courses for companies offering full day, week, month or yearlong sessions. The seminars are designed to fit the needs of your company, taking into account the number of countries in which you do business and the assimilation that is required for your company to be successful internationally.

Skills you will learn:

  • Meeting Your Business Counterpart for the First Time
  • Looking the Part: Showing You Mean Business
  • Communicating
  • Presentations Through a Translator
  • The Art of Negotiating with Your Foreign Counterpart
  • Public Behavior
  • Representing America
  • Productive Behavior After Your Return Home
  • Dining, Entertaining and Gift Giving
  • Appointments and Punctuality
  • Body Language and Speech
  • Business and Informal Attire
  • Communicating Respect and Building Trust
  • Welcome Topics of Conversation
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